TurnUp Fitness is a fitness guidance and training platform designed to offer result-driven guidance and certified, practical information to men and women in their middle and old age. The online training program is a comprehensive package that offers hand-vetted nutrition information, workout and training programs, supplement information, home workout guidance, virtual training assistant and assessment – all focused on driving progressive results whilst keeping past injuries/health conditions under view. Explore the eBook or get in touch with your online training assistant to get started on your fitness goals from anywhere in the world!

Who we are

When you are looking for guidance regarding fitness, the internet can be a tricky place. Information you find can be incomplete, unsuitable, unreliable, or all of these. You need a comprehensive and trustworthy program, for all aspects involved. The techniques that produced results for over a decade can be at your disposal by signing up with Turnup Fitness. This is a platform for you to get in shape and finally have the body that you always wanted. 

What we do

We use the strongest, and most comprehensive, fitness techniques and deliver them right to you with the help of the latest, and most convenient, mediums and provide the supplements you may need on this journey.

The informational steps, and provided supplements, would act as a basic framework for a multitude of fitness aims and objectives. You can lose weight, gain muscle mass, or use our services as an aid for recovery.

Our Mission

To help our client’s set on the journey of a fit and healthy lifestyle by offering customized nutrition, fitness, health and agility training programs.

Our Vision

To offer a bespoke health, training and lifestyle training program through our eBook and online platform for helping struggling 30-65 years old participants in achieving their weight goals.

Core Values

The Chizzel Workout Pro is inspired by the following values to deliver the best and long-term results:

  1. Tailor-made to your needs: The Chizzel Workout Pro is a people-focused eBook. It offers unique programs to meet the individual needs of every participant. From guidelines on leading a healthy and nutritious lifestyle to ensuring long term transformation practices, the eBook is a complete package tailored to your unique needs.
  2. Professional and Tested Program: The Chizzel Workout Pro is a comprehensive resource of tested tips and certified knowledge gathered from multiple trusted sources owned by excelling health professionals. Each and every program is professionally created to provide quality guidelines that deliver results.
  3. Accountability: Count on our promise to provide you with an array of professional, tested and personalized guidelines that promise lasting progression. Our online training program and eBook is designed to provide astounding results by offering action-oriented training and nutrition guidelines.
  4. Our Kaizen Rules
    • teamwork
    • personal discipline
    • improved morale
    • quality circles