Fitness Programs/Challenges

You have the power to choose, from a variety of programs, the one that suits you and your aim with your body. You can find out everything about detoxification, improving your metabolism, cardio workouts, and activities regarding biking, walking, jogging and much more. These programs are designed with care, attention, and expertised that you can count on for results. You may even use our ebook and website to go along with all the programs and challenges. 

Online Training

We believe that our strong and well planned programmers should not be limited to the walls of your physical premises. Online connectivity can be a great tool and medium for delivering the set of rules and instructions that can help you start, and even carry on the journey of personal fitness that you always desired. The training being online can remove the restriction of when you train, or where. It can be at 3am, in your bedroom, or 7 am in the lawn. Everything can be just the way you want it to be. Our comprehensive online fitness training program covers three major stages of fitness training, including:

Nutrient Pro

The Nutrition Pro transitions your consumption, so as you get fitter, you’ll also become healthier. This way the program modifies behavior gradually for long-term habit change. Our Vege Cleanse Plus TM Program features tested and guaranteed diet plan and Guidelines to help you undergo 14 DAY Detoxification Programs successfully. It comprised upon two important phases. At the end of this stage, you will be ready to enter the next phase of your training.

Stretch and Flex Pro:

The stretch in flex pro is the most important program of them all because it promotes mobility, stability, and flexibility. Find different phases and follow workout guidelines designed to condition personal workouts so you are ready for upcoming phases of training and fitness.

Personal workout Pro: 

This is a program you do on your own, two to three times a week. Simply fill an equipment availability survey and enter the phase 1 of training program. Find a virtual assessment coach and get things started from the comfort of your home while you follow the Conditioning Pro program.

Cardio Pro

Get, set and go with the 60 Day Cardio Program that features 60-day fat loss supplements. Our unique selection of supplements helps in boosting your agility to help you persevere through intense cardio training sessions and achieve your ideal weight ultimately. The cardio program will be done after or before your conditioning pro, you have an option of doing it as a warmup of your personal workout pro during your 1-on-1 assessment with your coach.

Condition Pro

The Conditioning Pro is a live stream virtual program you will do once to twice a week in the comfort of your own home. Maintain your ideal weight and impress others with your improving fitness by taking the Condition Pro training stage. The provides you useful instructions, explanations and video tutorials of exercises spread in progressive training charts for every phase. Watch online tutorials and get the help you need to train from anywhere, at anytime!