Q: What is in the ebook?

A: This ebook is a complete guide, that presents the collective expertise gathered by the author in over a decade of facing challenges in the field. It helps you know what to eat, and what not to. It has a complete guideline on how to find your way in the complicated world of supplements. This book has been carefully designed to act as your personal trainer.

Q: Can the training be carried out online?

A: Technology can be our friend, especially in getting in shape. The online training shall be carried out through the website. This makes all of the expertise and experience available to you any time of the day, regardless of the restriction of wherever you may be. You can take things at your pace and manage progress.

Q: What does Turn up fitness have to offer?

A: Turn up fitness strives to create a complete guide, for you, that can act as a bridge between you and your fitness goals. Topics covered range from guidance on supplements, to diet plans including what to eat and what to avoid eating. The workout plans have been devised for programs that last weeks and provide great detail in how to make the most of them.